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Independent Gemmological Laboratory
Colour grading with accuracy

Until recently all colour grading has been performed using a master set of coloured diamonds and the accuracy of the grading solely depends on the grader viewing the stones for colour match. IGL still use the 'old-fashion' system of colour grading with the added benefit of the modern DC3000 Mk2 colourimeter, which is fast becoming the industry standard worldwide.

The DC3000 Mk2 has eliminated the need for manual darkfield calibration. It reads in GIA laboratory grading scales.

Manufactured by the leader and innovator in diamond spectral analysis, the Gran diamond colourimeter uses full spectrum analysis to colour grade loose and mounted diamonds from 0.25 to 10 carats.

On the GIA-Gem Trade Lab grading scale, the Gran Diamond colourimeter measures from D through fancy intense with an accuracy of ½ of a colour grade. It also indicates the tints and hues of the stone. Unaffected by fluorescence or phosphorescence, the colourimeter features a built in 365 nm UV light source for fluorescence testing.

Our internationally certified GIA standard diamond master set is used to accurately compare diamond colours for an exact colour grade.