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Independent Gemmological Laboratory
Sarin's DiaVision™ Software

Sarin's DiaVision™ Software Takes Proportion Grading to the Highest Level!

Get accurate and detailed reports with IGL. Now most angles and facets (including the lengths of the star and lower halves facets, which are required for the new GIA cut grading system) can be measured on virtually any shape stone in a wide range of sizes.

IGL uses an intuitive graphical interface that makes it easy to take measurements, generate 3-dimensional images of stones.

Sarin DiaVision Cut Grading Report
DiaVision Cut Grad ing Report


Photore alistic Viewer Software
The optional integrated module shows an on-screen reconstructed view of how the diamond under examination would actually look under optimal illumination so you can assess its actual light performance. It works with both the Standard and Professional Editions of DiaVision software.


Photorealistic Viewer Software for Sarin Cut Grading

GIA ® Cut Grading Reports
IGL has established new cut grading standards. DiaVision supports these GIA ® cut grading and recut standards and lets you see and print views, reports, and labels that contain the new GIA ® grading system. As a DiaScan “S” or DiaVision owner, you can assure potential customers that you have the same type of state-of-the-art hardware and software that the major labs are using to evaluate cut and you can show them the results of a cut evaluation. Using the GIA Cut Grading software as a selling tool should reassure even the most skeptical buyer.


Cut Grade Analyzer
Light performance evaluation had never been clearer! Cut Grade Analyzer helps demonstrate the light performance of a diamond by graphically showing its Brilliancy, Fire, and Scintillation. These parameters are not usually shown separately.
Cut Grade Analyzer-Retail Edition for Sarin Proportion Grading Products