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Independent Gemmological Laboratory
How IGL Grades Diamonds

People from all over Australia and the world send their diamonds to IGL for grading and analysis. Our clients put their business in our hands and their trust in our expertise and we are extremely careful with both.

Double Redundancy
Grade it and grade it again. Diamonds submitted for Diamond Grading services are examined by highly trained and experienced diamond graders and gemologists using the latest tools and equipment.

Inspection, Care, and Handling Procedures
At every step of the servicing process, special inspection, care, and handling procedures are in place to confirm a diamond's identity and ensure the diamond is managed with the utmost care.

High Accuracy Equipment
At IGL we believe in a blend of both 'old' and 'new' technologies, bringing you the best of both to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency.

World Standards
With advances in computer modeling, we are able to closely examine diamond cut, one of the most complex of the 6Cs. After years of research and discovery, IGL is able to assess the cut quality of a diamond very accurately.

The most exciting and reassuring conclusion of our research is that there is no single set of proportions that define a well-cut round brilliant diamond. Many different proportions can produce very attractive diamonds.

IGL uses software that provides a method of estimating a cut grade and a database that is embedded into a number of leading diamond measuring devices so that this estimation can be automated. As a result buyers can compare cut qualities, and retailers can communicate the effects of cut on diamonds.