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The  Sarin DiaScan™ "S"

Sarin's Diamond Cut Grading : More Options, Greater Utility

The Sarin DiaScan S - the latest innovation in diamond proportion gradingToday's consumers ask questions about diamond cut, and Sarin's Diamension with DiaVision software (click for information) puts all the answers at your fingertips. The first and, after nearly 15 years on the market, still indisputably the best diamond cut grading product in the world.

DiaMension™ is used by respected gemological laboratories world wide to efficiently and effectively grade thousands of diamonds a day. It is perfect to check stones to demonstrate the difference between different cut qualities. The optional Photorealistic Viewer software shows an on-screen reconstructed view of how a diamond would look under optimal light conditions.

Diamond Valuation: the Cutting Edge
Click for article in  Professional Jeweler, June 2003